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Thema: Bob's Burgers S08E09 ''Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien'' (Spoiler!) Antwort auf: ` TVTV - Die Fernsehmilizen im Archiv VIII! ` von Sascha

Look around at this
playground. What do you see?
Two third-graders
playing catch with a shoe.
Those little boys who
pretend to be cats,
like that's even a game.
Why do your own thing
when you could all be doing
the same thing together?
I'm here today to present
an exciting opportunity
for togetherness.
Boys and girls, I give you...
Ga-Ga ball!
The best thing about Ga-Ga ball
is there's no catching and no throwing.
Anyone can play, no matter how
hopelessly un-athletic they are.

Ja, war okay.

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