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Thema: Archer S05E05 ''Southbound and Down'' (Spoiler!) Antwort auf: ` TVTV - Die Fernsehmilizen im Archiv IV! ` von Sascha

How much are they
paying Cherlene?

It's public television, they don't pay
anything. All they do is suck money in.
They take our taxes...

Or donations, whatever.

Of pre-tax dollars from pot-taking
Bolshevik lesbian couples! Then PBS mixes
it all in with their huge N.E.A. grants,
launders it in inner-city methadone clinics,
and pumps it right back out to pro-abortion,

Wie bei uns. R-TV FTL! Gute Folge, aber so richtig packend war's irgendwie nicht.
Hoffentlich gibt's bald mehr von Country Music Manager #1 Toni Foti zu sehen.

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