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Thema: Walks like Fallout, talks like Fallout... Antwort auf: Fallout 76 von Carnivore
... but it just ain't Fallout, meint der dicke Jim und beginnt sein Jimpression nach obligatorischem Glitch-Disconnect-Footage mit dem Satz: "Fallout 76 is dogshit."

Und weiter im Text -

"Bethesda's clunky, dated formula and struggling engine at this point aren't
capable of handling even a single player experience these days, let alone a
multiplayer one. This is a mess of a game and yes, I mean a mess even by Bethesda standards.

"The core of the game is, at its very best, boring. This is a dull, lifeless world devoid of remarkable settlements, devoid of NPCs even. There are some robots dotted about here and there, but most of the game is spent (...) wandering around, picking up bottles. Because that's one of the quests - not a quest with any real story purpose, nothing that progresses and turns into an interesting narrative. Most of the story is drip fed to you with audio logs, detailing interesting things that have already happened, that you weren't a part of and you simply get to clean up after."

"At best, this is a copy of Rust, just another empty open world in which players are expected to find their own fun."

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