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Thema: Huch: Intel und AMD verbünden sich
Nvidia bekommt entsprechend Competition. Scheint wohl vor allem erstmal auf den Laptop-Bereich ausgelegt zu sein: High End Intel CPUs mit Radeon Onboard anstatt der Intel HD Graphics.


We checked the weather this morning and sure enough, Hell hasn't frozen over. Instead, something even less likely happened today—Intel announced it is working with rival AMD to build a new Core processor with custom Radeon graphics inside the chip package, with an emphasis on gaming performance.

The new chip package will be part of Intel's 8th generation Core processor family and will combine a Core H-series CPU with second generation high bandwidth memory (HBM2) and custom discrete graphics from AMD. Intel says the silicon footprint of this new part will be less than half that of standard discrete graphics components on a motherboard, making it possible for OEMs to design thinner and lighter laptops without sacrificing performance.

Intel and AMD are thinking big there, with an eye toward triple-A gaming and content creation.

This is such big news that we've put together some additional thoughts on what this means for PC gaming.

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