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Thema: Halb zum Thema passend: GTA San Andreas Multiplayer-Mods haben 1 Mio Spieler Antwort auf: Ein paar Irre lassen immer noch Star Wars Galaxies Server laufen von membran
Ich kannte die Just Cause Multiplayer-Mod, aber dass es auch GTA:SA Multiplayermods gibt, ist an mir vorbeigegangen. Und natürlich gibt es auch welche für Vice City, wie mir eine schnelle google Suche gerade verraten hat.


It may be two Grand Theft Auto generations and 11 years old, but GTA: San Andreas is still very much alive. Its two most popular online multiplayer mods currently have a million or more active players between them — one, Multi Theft Auto, had 616,000 players in July (up from just 33k in February 2010), while the other, SA-MP, oscillates between about 15,000 and 50,000 concurrent players. I went to talk to members of both mod communities to find out what keeps them playing.

These certainly aren’t numbers to be sneezed at. They put many of the biggest current PC games to shame. Even the massively-popular GTA 5, replete with a sprawling online mode of its own that consistently puts it in Steam’s top 10 games by player count, fares no better than its ancestor. (To put a number on it, SteamSpy estimates over 1.2 million GTA 5 players in the past two weeks, with peak concurrent players consistently around 50,000.)
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