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Thema: Daily Reddit Gif Roundup #1 Antwort auf: Aw3s0m3 is teh n3\/\/ amazing! (Part 7) von Don Cosmo
Machen wir uns nix vor, ihr greift doch fast alles, was hier hier reinknallt, von der /r/gifs oder whereever ab. Ich dumpe mal, was ich linkenswert finde (also quasi die ganze aktuelle Frontpage, danke, Schwarmintelligenz!), aber jetzt nicht unbedingt jeweils ein eigener Post sein muss. Mit Reddit Title und Top-Kommentar-Klau, wo angebracht! Yehaw.

Magic Keyboard
Can you imagine your parents walking in after typing in "porn"? Like you clicked the ESC key, but there it is, spelled out just above your keyboard.

The work of a genius
The work of a genius, played at a speed that you never get to appreciate any of it.

These remote control dragsters haul ass

Thieves stole a kid's cellphone in front of a martial arts gym
There's no justice like street justice.

Newlywed during photoshoot gone wrong
This does not bode well for their wedding night plans.

Guy knocks himself out with a watermelon
Impressively square chunk he takes out of the melon.

Playing with electrical wires
- How's he planning on getting down
- The answer to this may shock you.
- Watt did you just say?
- Ohm my god stop
- mAh-y you guys stop with these puns?
- wire you such a quitter?
- Yeah stop resisting and go with the flow
- Currently standing my ground.
- You are all being charged for committing puns.
- But this thread has so much potential...

In response to the "No gravity" post I present you THIS guy
- Big deal. I could do this if I could jump higher
- I think you already get pretty high there already bud.

Two model trains on three tracks

Whale Comes Up for Air
That's not breathing, that's breaching.

That's Why You Wear Your Seat Belt
Considering this is the internet, everything ended up unusually well

Tongue tricks
This girl kind of reminds me of someone I'll never have sex with
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